Batak Games

Batak Games

There is no other piece of entertainment equipment with such a wide variety of games than the batak game.

There is no other piece of entertainment equipment with such a wide variety of games than the batak game. There are twenty nine different batak games or batak programs, all quickly available at the touch of a button. The batak game is the most perfect of hand eye coordination games. There are short 30 second reaction games available on the batak game, along with challenging aerobic workouts that can last for up to five minutes. There are more sedate metal games, and the batak game can be used as learning tool for children with simple mathematical games. Whatever your event there is the batak game for you. Please contact us and our advisors will happily go through all of the batak programs or batak games to ensure that you have the perfect batak game for your event. Some of the more popular batak games are;

Batak Accumulator 

This batak program or batak game is probably the most popular. This batak game lasts for 60 seconds and as soon as one target is stuck, the next one lights up – in a random manner. The total number of ‘hits’ are recorded on one LED display, with the other display acting as a stopwatch counting down. High scores are readily available in this batak game, and lasting only a minute, it is the ideal game for many events, as it can accommodate a large number of contestants in a short period.

Batak 50 Target Race

In this batak game players have to strike 50 of the illuminated targets against the clock. As one is struck the next one lights up. With a digital LED timer display recording up to 1/10th of a second, this game is great for batak competitions, as it is unlikely that two players will record the same time. Again a quick fire, high intensity batak game perfect to attract all contestants and spectators. A perfect batak game for all events.

Batak 50 Timed Targets 

The contestant is required to strike fifty targets against the clock. Targets remained illuminated for one second. In this batak game if you strike the wrong target the batak program increases the speed of the game. Another high energy batak game that is exceptionally popular. Suitable for all events.

Batak 4 Corner Stretch Games 

These batak games attempt to give the contestant the maximum level of batak activity. As the name suggests – the targets that randomly illuminate are all of the corner targets. This batak game fully utilises the maximum stretch configuration of the batak game frame. Various quantities of targets can be set.

Batak Simple Simon 

One of the more sedate batak games and one which requires maximum concentration. Based on the Simple Simon Game players have to repeat the sequence of targets as they light up randomly. As they complete one level, they go on to the next. Each level adding more targets to the sequence, until the contestant makes an error.

For a comprehensive list of all available batak games, please contact us. There will be a fun batak game for all events.