Exhibition attractions

Exhibition attractions

The Batak Game is one of the best entertainment attractions and attention grabbers of all the exhibition attractions.

For exhibition stall entertainment and exhibition entertainment the batak wall is visually attractive, and will prove to be a real winner as an exhibition stand attraction. Made from polished stainless steel the batak game will not only enhance the aesthetics of your stand it will attract vast interest from all passersby. Once the batak game starts it attracts large numbers of spectators, all thinking that surely this reaction game cannot be that difficult. Hire batak game for all exhibition stand attractions and your exhibition stand will be extremely popular and the envy of all other exhibitors.

For promotion equipment and exhibition stand games, exhibition attractions and exhibition stand attractions the batak game is always a success. The design of the batak game, with its impressive frame means that there are plenty of options to brand the batak game with your company name, corporate colours or exhibition message. We have an in-house design team to supply all of your branding, and can deliver and install the batak game complete in your livery. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the batak game design options and branding. Alternatively, we can supply the batak game for you to brand yourselves. Either way, the batak game offers great promotion advertising, is perfect for interactive advertising and as a trade show game provides unparalleled exhibition entertainment and trade show entertainment.

The batak game is compact at 8ft high x 6ft wide and 2 ft deep. It is by far and away the most popular attention grabber that we supply, compared to the small footprint of stand space that it occupies. Hire the batak game at your next exhibition and watch the crowds descend onto your stall, giving your staff the ideal opportunity of a captive audience. Batak game leaderboards can be supplied to ensure the element of competition. Who will take the batak challenge and be the batak game champion of your exhibition stall?

We can also supply all other exhibition attractions;

Giant Buzz Wire – here contestants have to negotiate the steel wire without touching it. Should they make the connection the light flashes and the buzzer sounds. A steady hand game, and another great attention grabber. We can customise the buzz wire to spell out key words.

Cash Cube – Grab a Grand machine – Another great visually impressive exhibition stand attractions. Here contestants enter the cube and grab as many notes or promotion vouchers as they can. The cash cube is also perfect for branding opportunities.

Please contact us for batak game hire and any other exhibition attractions that you may be interested in.